Who we are: We are a group of ardent nature lovers from BES (Bachelor of Environmental Studies, NUS) who are keen on passing on this passion to the general public. We call ourselves the drongos because they are iconic birds within our central catchment area, birds with a penchant for following monkeys. (They do this to feast on insects the monkeys stir up; aren’t they clever?)

What our goals are: To educate the public on the value of our resident ecosystems as well as raise awareness about the importance of our central catchment nature reserve.

What we are looking for: committed and interested nature-lovers who are free on weekends (You do not need prior guiding experience or any relevant knowledge, we will provide workshops and information!)

What you will do: Guide a group of interested participants through the Petai trail with two or three other guides, pointing out interesting plants and animals and explaining intriguing and relevant ecological issues.

What is the Petai Trail: it is a popular nature trail in the Central Catchment Reserve, within MacRitchie Reservior Park. For more detailed information, click this link:

What can you see: pit vipers, shiny beetles, skinks and well more than we can list! Click this link to see our recent recce trip:

What commitments: Attending guiding workshops (dates tentatively in July, weekends), provide guiding on weekends twice a semester.

How to sign up: Fill up this form and email to by 16 June! It’s that simple!

We hope to see more potential drongos signing up, and we can’t wait to meet you all soon!

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