Glorious comeback: NEW walks

Sem 2 poster (first 3 walks)
Photo and design by Aw Jeanice

Mark your calendars for the new set of BES Drongos trails are here!

To kickstart 2016, come and join us on a remarkable adventure through the stunning forests in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve along the well-trodden Petai Trail!

Did you know that a walk in nature can relieve stress and improve physical well being? Besides, you get to know a lot more about the critters worth protecting in our reserves, while learning about the ecosystem they are living in and dependent on. Wait no longer! Share our walks with a few fun-loving friends and sign up on our EventBrite page without further ado.

Visit our Essential Information page for more details on the meeting location and duration of our walks, as well as other safety tips generally useful in any nature walks!

Stay tuned for our recent developments in forming a new committee and training new volunteer guides!

Flock recruitment of BES Volunteers

Photo and design by Jacqueline Chua

To all BES students: For this brand new year, add in “Join nature guiding” to your 2016 resolutions! To be more specific, write “Join BES Drongos for an amazing time with nature and people.”

We are a fun-loving group of volunteer guides keen in spreading the love and passion for nature. We bring members of the public on guided trails in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve to encourage more appreciation of the ecosystems and biodiversity they host.

Over the last six months, we have successfully groomed 7 drongolets on top of holding 7 public walks, and we are looking to have you in our flock!

If you are:

From any cohort of BES

A nature lover

Keen to interact with the public

Passionate about conservation, environmental outreach and education

Interested in honing guiding skills (no prior experience needed)

Able to commit for training sessions (dates TBC)

Willing to guide on weekends for the trails

Not horrified by the idea of guiding about a dozen members of the public through the Petai Trail

Excited to see all sorts of vipers, beetles, birds and plants there are in CCNR (Check out this link of 50 animals you can see in CCNR)

… then we want YOU to join the Drongos!

The participants learning more about the long-tailed macaques from Jacqueline / Photo by Aw Jeanice

If you want to know more, you can read our past posts and email us ( if you have questions burning to be answered.

Can’t wait to join? Sign up HERE by the 17th of January!

If the link doesn’t work, click here: