Essential Information

Before you sign up for a walk with the BES Drongos, here is some information about the Petai Trail:

The Petai Trail is a boardwalk trail (part of the longer Prunus-Petai Trail) at the east end of Macritchie Reservoir Park. It skirts around the edge of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The trail consists of a gravel path with some elevation and a boardwalk which is relatively level. The walk is suitable for children (but not toddlers or infants) and physically-fit elderly. Strollers are strongly discouraged.
Length: Approx. 2.8km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Meeting Time: 8.45am (We begin promptly at 9am.)
Meeting Place: Mushroom Cafe at the toilet hut near the entrance. The nearest bus stop is MacRitchie Reservoir, served by buses 52, 74, 130, 132, 162, 162M, 163, 165, 166, 167, 852, 855. It is also within walking distance from Caldecott MRT station.

Recommended attire: long pants and covered walking shoes.
Bring: Your own water bottle, umbrella/poncho, insect repellent and cap/hat
*Please do not bring along any plastic bags as monkeys have learned to associate it with food! Eating during the trail is not encouraged.*  

In case of wet weather, we may delay the start of the walk and continue if it’s a light drizzle. If the rain is too heavy, or there is a thunder and lightning alert during the walk, we will have to call the walk off for safety reasons. Subject to availability of our volunteer guides, we may be able to offer a make-up walk with an advanced notice of 2 months – or you could sign up for another walk with us on our Eventbrite page!

In case of severe haze (i.e. PSI above 100), we will call off the walk and will notify you via SMS by 7.30am.

Before you embark on a trail, here are some essential Safety Guidelines:

  1. Safety first: Do not go off the trail. Do not touch anything unless the guides say it’s OK because these animals and plants may be poisonous or venomous. Watch where you step, watch where you put your hands (especially on the handles of the boardwalk) and if you are leaning against something. Watch out especially for snakes, centipedes, ant trails, animal faecal matter, exposed tree roots or branches that have fallen across the boardwalk.
  2. Stay together: Do not go off the trail at all times. If you would like to leave during the trail or stay behind to take photos and catch up with us later, please inform one of the guides before doing so. Keep left while walking on the boardwalk so that we can let other people walking or jogging pass by.
  3. Be respectful of this nature reserve: Do not agitate the animals, particularly macaques. Do so by keeping your distance. Do not leave anything in the nature reserve, such as litter, or take anything out of it, because it is against the law to do so.
  4. The guides are not responsible for you during this trail, so please look out for yourself and one another when walking. Parents, please keep an eye on your kids.

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