Instagram Eco-Warriors

In recent years, social media has been increasingly used by environmentalist groups as a platform to promote their cause. The advent of social media has enabled the communication of information to be easier and more efficient as a wider range of audience can be reached within a shorter period of time. As such, it is a powerful tool to be used by Eco-Warriors to raise awareness and push for change within communities. Today, we take a look at 4 local sustainability groups which have taken their efforts to Instagram!

Green Nudge (@greennudgesg)

Green Nudge is a group which focuses on achieving zero waste in Singapore. They occasionally partner with companies and event organisers to carry out initiatives that help reduce the amount of waste generated at events! Past initiatives include coastal clean-ups as well as waste binning efforts at the Standard Chartered Marathons. If you would like to get involved in their initiatives, do follow their Instagram account for event recruitment updates! Their account also regularly posts information regarding waste in Singapore as well as provide you with tips on how to reduce it. If you are unable to help out in their events, you can also attend their Green Con(versations) webinars from the comfort of our home to learn more about waste management in Singapore!

The Sustainability Project (@thesustainabilityproject_)

If you have been searching for a shop to purchase your sustainable products from, you can try The Sustainability Project! This local business started in 2018 and aims to provide a platform for you to purchase a wide range of sustainable products to help you in your journey in achieving zero waste! To find out more about their products, check out their Instagram page where details of their products are posted. While this initiative is a business, the founder strongly believes in educating customers on the importance of ‘buying what you need’. This is done via the ‘#productconsiderationchecklist’ series of Instagram posts which you can use to find out whether you really need to buy certain products! Also, do look out for their occasional gems of knowledge in the form of educational posts that can teach you more about waste reduction 😊

Edible Garden City (@ediblegardencity)

Here’s one for the green thumbs! Edible Garden City is a social enterprise which advocates for urban farming in Singapore. They have built over 200 food gardens around the country which supplies greens to F&B outlets in order to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the food security of Singapore. In addition, they also conduct various farming workshops and educational programs, such as the Junior Urban Farmer Camp which seeks to give children a 3-day hands-on experience in farming. Recruitment details for these events are regularly posted on their Instagram page so do look out for them if you are interested! Their Instagram page is also filled with farming tips and posts that introduce followers to the range of greens that are planted in their urban farms. To give the public a more in depth understanding of the inner workings of their farms, Edible Garden City occasionally organises exciting tours of their farms (details on Instagram)!

Package Pals (@package.pals)

Is your room filled with your unopened packages from 11.11? Are you feeling guilty about the packaging waste that you have created? Fret not, Package Pals has got you covered! This initiative was set up during the Circuit Breaker period by 3 youths who have a passion in waste reduction. Package Pals aims to help extend the lifespan of the packaging used by online shops by collecting and redistributing used packaging back to business so that they can be reused! Through the use of Instagram, Package Pals wishes to raise awareness about the waste issue in Singapore as well as provide waste reduction tips so that their followers can take action too. If you would like to donate your used packaging or are a business looking to participate as a partner to receive used packaging, you can refer to their monthly Instagram recruitment shoutouts. Don’t say ‘bojio’! However, do note that Package Pals has certain requirements for the condition of and type of packaging that you can donate. Details can be found in the link in their bio!

These 4 sustainability groups have done an excellent job in creating initiatives that help educate the masses on the importance in tackling environmental issues. Each of them have also provided a variety of opportunities that enable the masses to take action. Do consider following their Instagram pages and participate in their events if you have some spare time on your hands! 😊

Written by: Wei Qiang

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